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Maintenance window

Apr 21 at 12:30am CEST  –  Apr 21 at 02:00am CEST
Affected services
Login & Identities APIs
OAuth2 & OpenID Connect APIs
Permission APIs
Network Administration APIs
Network Console UI
Account Experience UI

Apr 21 at 02:18am CEST

Maintenance finished successfully
We are happy to report that the maintenance work has been completed successfully. The Ory Ops team switched our Ory Network production environment to a new Cockroach cluster with CMEK enabled without any impact on the availability and latencies of our services.

This proves that our hard work to ensure Ory Network is built on a scaleable, resilient foundation pays off.

We are pleased with the results and want to thank the Cockroach team for supporting us to ensure our first live migration works as smoothly as it did.

Apr 21 at 12:30am CEST

Dear Users,

Our operations teams will conduct planned maintenance of Ory Network starting on Friday, 21.04.2023 00:30 CEST to 02:00 CEST.

In this 90-minute maintenance window, we will switch the encryption of our database systems to encryption keys managed by Ory to improve the information security of Ory Network further.

Within this 90-minute window, our service latencies might increase for a short period of time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support.

Best regards,
The Ory Team